Youth Leaders Accused of Stealing Museveni Pig Donations

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Drama ensued at Pece Memorial stadium in Gulu town on today afternoon up to 19 pigs out of 220 donated by President Museveni to the youths in Gulu went missing.

There was drama at Pece Memorial stadium in Gulu town on Friday afternoon when up to 19 pigs out of 220 donated by President Museveni to the youths in Gulu went missing.
Unidentified youth leaders reportedly disappeared with the pigs which were meant to be distributed to the over 80 NRM youths who visited the president at his home in Rwakitura in 2012.
The pigs totaling 220 were part of Museveni’s pledges to the NRM youth in the region meant to alleviate poverty and improve on their household incomes through piggery projects.
Each youth was supposed to get two female piglets and one male pig and a bag of pigs’ feeds.
However while distributing the pigs to over 73 youth beneficiaries, ten pigs were discovered missing while nine had reportedly died during the process of transportation from Kampala to Gulu.
The NRM Vice Chairperson Youth League Gulu,  Joyce Alima said a total of six beneficiaries missed out on the pigs stating that place where the distribution took place was not well guarded.
Alima said the pigs were enough for all the selected youth leaders but they were surprised to find out some of the pigs were missing.
Present at the distribution point where 50 NRM youth leaders. Alima believes that some of the youth leaders could have stolen the pigs and are only claiming that the pigs died on the way.
But Alfred Owiny Topacho, Assistant Private Secretary Youth Affairs to Museveni, dismisses that theft accusation. He travelled with the youth bringing the animals and insists eight pigs died in the process of transportation.
Topachu says  those who missed out should be catered for too. He urged the beneficiaries to utilize the pigs for economic productivity.
Justus Tugume, National Coordinator for National Youth Coalition for NRM Mobilization also a beneficiary from piggery project, said the initiative will help to improve the livelihood of the youth in the region. He said it is unfortunate that a humble donation can just be misused by some individuals.
Tugume said, they have also requested for iron sheets, oxen and ox-ploughs from the president to help the youth in the region expand agricultural practice.
Other districts to benefit from the piggery project are Nwoya, Amuru, Agago, and Pader district.