Week-Old Baby Killed in Ritual Murder

1254 Views Masaka, Uganda
Police in Masaka are investigating the suspected ritual murder of a week-old baby boy. The infant's mutilated body was found in a banana plantation on Sunday by residents of Kitovu-Nnume in Nyendo Senyange Division. It was covered in a shawl and had a note with words Hadijja, Namuwonge and Mpambe lying next to it. John Bosco Ddungu, the LC1 chairman of Kitovu-Nnume, says no one in the village has reported a missing child. He says that although there are a number of traditional medicine practitioners in the area, none of them is a suspect and the police are looking elsewhere for clues. Noah Serunjogo, the southern regional police spokesperson, says this is one of the most horrifying cases of human sacrifice he has seen. He says the baby's private parts were completely severed and he appeared to have been battered or tortured before his death. The child's body is lying in Masaka Regional Referral Hospital. The police hope that someone with a missing child will be able to identify him and grant him a dignified burial.