VS Hydro Uganda Employees Lay Down Tools


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VS Hydro Uganda Limited is a company owned by nationals from Sri-Lanka generating power for Nyamugasana 1 and 2 power plants in Kyalhumba sub county, Kasese district.

Now, employees, mainly casual labourers have laid down their tools accusing the company of mistreatment.

70 Employees of VS Hydro Uganda Limited have laid down their tools citing exploitation by the hydropower company.

VS Hydro Uganda Limited is a company owned by Sri-lankan nationals generating power for Nyamugasana 1 and 2 power plants in Kyalhumba Sub County, Kasese district.

Loti Mumbere who has been working with VS since July 2017 says they have since discovered that for two years now the power generator has never remitted any money to the National Social Security Fund.

He also adds that it is not possible that VS was also paying Money to URA for PAYE since the all the labourers do not have tax identification numbers (TINs).

//Cue in: "All of us we...."

Cue out: "....are not there."//

Mumbere wants the government to protect them from exploitation.

//Cue in: "We are just..."

Cue out: "...miserable to us."//

Jemima Ithungu another employee at the company also questions the safety under which they operate. She explains that the company pays little attention to safety wear like safety shoes and helmets. 

She also adds that whenever an employee gets injured on job, they are not supported by the company.

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Cue out: "....n'esyeringwathikya."//
Asansio Kule who works as a steel fixer at VS Hydro Uganda Limited says that the company should also employ them as full time employees.
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Officials from VS Hydro Uganda Limited declined to comment on the matter.


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