Vacant Posts Spark off Row in Kasese

1717 Views Kasese, Uganda
The district council in Kasese, has unanimously agreed to launch an investigation into the vacant posts in the district's service commission. The district has for the last seven years failed to advertise for vacancies, despite the fact that many posts are empty. Kasese district has a staff vacuum in the education, engineering and health departments. Council is demanding an explanation from the chief administrative officer and the technical staff. The two will be put to task to explain why they didn't advertise the vacant posts and why it has taken such a long time to fill some posts. One of the cases that is expected to come under scrutiny involves a vacant seat of the Senior district engineer. The seat fell vacant in 2005, following the mysterious disappearance of the senior district engineer and has not been filled to date. The twist to this case is that the payroll shows that a ghost senior engineer has been receiving a salary. The councilors will also seek proof of evidence to claims that some people have taken a firm grip onto their posts and don't want to relinquish their jobs to new workers, are blocking the recruitment of workers. The council further revealed that four district engineers, 300 gaps in the health department are lying idle when the district technocrats are seated behind the desks. Julius Kithaghenda, the LC 5 boss, however says that the district executive and office of the chief administrative officer, have already asked the district service commission to declare some of the critical positions vacant. But John Makasi Tinkamanyire, the Katwe Kabatoro town councilor, says the IGG must investigate why vacant seats have not been filled.


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