UPDF Launches De-Mining Exercise in Northern Uganda

1128 Views Lira, Uganda
The army has launched a joint operation with the former fighters of the Lords Resistance Army and some NGO's to de-mine the formerly war ravaged areas of Northern Uganda. The UPDF 5th Division spokesperson, Lt. Deo Akiiki, said the former rebels are vital in helping the army to trace the mines that were planted during active rebellion in northern Uganda. He said there were also fears that some hidden weapons could be traced by the rebels and supplied to the LRA rebel leader, Joseph Kony, currently in Democratic Republic of Congo. Akiiki said that the army is committed to de-mining stretches of land in the rural areas in order to make them safe and secure for the IDP's returning home. //Cue in: iThe UPDF is at the moment # Cue out: # going back to their villages.// Large areas of northern Uganda are feared to contain several unexploded weapons, which were used in the twenty-year long insurgency that forced thousands of people into camps.


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