UPDF Fuel Tanker Knocks One Dead In Arua

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In short
A fuel tanker hired by the army to take jet fuel to aid UPDF operations in Central African Republic has knocked dead a 35 year old man in Arua.

A fuel tanker hired by the army to transport jet fuel to aid UPDF operations in the Central African Republic on Tuesday knocked dead a 35 year old man in Arua.

The fuel tanker, driven by a civilian and escorted by soldiers, knocked dead Charles Mawa, a resident of Ojepi village in Aroi sub-county at Robuyia village in Manibe sub-county.

The Police spokesperson for West Nile Josephine Angucia said that Patrick Ilunga, the driver, claimed the Tuesday accident occurred after Mawa attempted to overtake the fuel tanker on a bicycle.

She added that shortly after Mawa was knocked dead, relatives rushed to the accident scene and attempted to set ablaze the fuel tanker that was carrying the highly inflammable jet fuel.

Police rushed to the scene and calmed the situation. The driver and fuel tanker were then diverted to the Police station for safe custody after the relatives demanded 8 million shillings as compensation.

Not happy with the action of the Police, the relatives stormed the Police station that evening and demanded the vehicle and driver be handed over to them to exert revenge.

It took the intervention of Lt. Mark Mutono, the UPDF spokesperson for West Nile, who linked up with the owners of the fuel tanker to address the demands of the bereaved family. They were later given one million shillings to cater for burial expenses after which they returned home.

Lt. Mutono also advised them to follow up the matter of compensation with the UPDF as the vehicle involved in the accident was insured. The vehicle and the driver were cleared to continue with the journey.


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