UPDF Colonel Impersonator Arrested Trying To Con Lyantonde DPC

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In short
A bold conman posing as a UPDF colonel has been arrested after attempting to con the Lyantonde District Dolice Commander Thomas Keith Eyaku. The conman had demanded police assign four officers to assist him in a sensitive mission.

Police in Lyantonde have arrested a man who tried to con the district Police Commander Thomas Keith Eyaku.
The man was arrested on Wednesday.
Posing as a Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) colonel, Joseph Mwine walked into Lyantonde police station on Tuesday and demanded for four police officers to be assigned to him.
Mwine had given the order to Lyantonde DPC Eyaku who promised to assist the UPDF colonel in any way possible. "Col" Mwine claimed he was on a sensitive mission.
Mwine also promised to "give" DPC Eyaku 300 litres of fuel from what would be left over after his mission was completed.
Luck, however, ran out for Mwine when he attempted to check out of Shanghai Guest house and Lodge on Wednesday morning without paying. Mwine had asked Eyaku to check him into the lodge and was supposed to pay 35,000 shillings for spending the night.
Mwine was detained by the guest house manager Dora Wamala who demanded for payment. When he failed to pay, Wamala called police immediately  who took him to Lyantonde police station where he was interrogated.
When Mwine was searched, he was found with two identity cards bearing different names and occupations. One of the identity cards had Joseph Mwine while the other Mwine Kaliisa Lwamukyo.
Cornered, Mwine confessed that he had been pretending to be a UPDF colonel for four years now.
Mwine, however, surprised the officers by demanding he be transferred to Masaka police station. He argued that since Eyaku is one of his accusers, he is not likely to be fairly treated.
Mwine also claims to work with MJ Investments, a company importing and exporting used cars.
Eyaku says Mwine will be produced in court once investigations are completed. He appeals to the members of the public who may have been conned by Mwine to come forward and register their complaints.
Impersonation is on the increase in Lwengo and Lyantonde.
Three weeks ago Kyazanga police arrested a man identified as Mubarak Muchunguzi 26 for conning residents of their money in Kyazanga town after pretending to be a Criminal Investigations Officer for Lwengo district.