UPDATED: Nyabushozi MP Contestant Accused of Arresting Kamya's Agents

1986 Views Kampala, Uganda
Beti Olive Kamya, the Uganda Federal Alliance presidential candidate, says she is extremely about the numerous reports of names missing from the National Voters' Register. Speaking shortly after she cast her vote in Kitunzi Zone in Rubaga, Kamya said that at her polling station she met four people whose names were missing from the register. She said that in each case, the affected people confirmed that they were registered voters prior to the polls, but were shocked to find that their names had been deleted. Kamya said she has heard of several other cases of this kind from around Uganda. The presidential candidate was escorted to the polling station by her sister Edith Mpanga. Mpanga is the chairperson of the London branch of the Uganda Federal Alliance. Kamya also expressed concern about a report she heard from Yoweri Museveni's Kiruhura district. She said she learned that the Lt. Colonel Fred Mwesigye, the NRM Nyabushozi candidate, has arrested and detained a Uganda Federal Alliance election observer. Kamya said the observer whom she only identified as Lawrence was arrested for illegally being in possession of the voters' register and letters of introduction from the political parties. She said Mwesigye is holding Lawrence in his home. This information could not be independently verified by Uganda Radio Network. Although these concerns weighed heavily on her mind, Kamya congratulated the Electoral Commission on its management of today's election. She said the organization was much better than it was in the previous two national polls. Kamya is not taking this organization for granted. She said her tally center in Kabusu in Rubaga would keep a tab of the exit polls. Although the Uganda Federal Alliance will not release its own results, she said that if it finds large in consistencies, she would mobilize her supporters to defend their rights. //Cue in: "What people should say ..." Cue out: "... chaos."// ###