UPC Candidate Withdraws from Youth MP Elections

1519 Views Soroti, Uganda
One of the eastern region youth parliamentary candidates, Ali Elem, has pulled out of tomorrow's elections. Elem, a candidate for the Uganda People's Congress, says he cannot afford the 200,000 shillings nomination fee. He accuses his party of promising him the money for mobilization, campaigns and nomination, but reneging on the deal at the last minute. Elem claims that UPC is broke and only a few officials at the top are benefiting from any money the party receives. Ali Elem says he is now contemplating deserting UPC for the National Resistance Movement. He says he has informed his supporters to back the NRM candidate, Peter Ogwang. This announcement further strengthens the NRM support ahead of the parliamentary youth elections. The NRM has held sway in the youth elections for the past ten years. The parliamentary youth elections are taking place regionally. Elections for the female youth MP will take place on March 14th. ###