Uganda, Rwanda Police Sign MOU to Fight Cross-Border Crime

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Uganda and Rwanda national police sign a memorandum of understanding to jointly respond to incidents along the common border.

Uganda and Rwanda national police have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly respond to incidents along the common border.
The MOU was signed on Sunday evening at White Horse Inn, Kabale, after seven hours of closed-door security meeting led by police chiefs from the two countries, General Kale Kayihura and Commissioner General Emmanuel Gasana. 
The MOU is in line with the earlier commitments signed last year in Uganda and in March this year in Kigali to strengthen security across the common border. They include sharing best practices, challenges, joint operations, training and capacity building. 
Part of the resolutions in the joint communiqué read by Uganda’s Interpol director Assan Kasingye include, joint coordinated operations, community policing across borders, reinforce and cooperate against transnational and other organized crimes, and joint trainings among others.
In the MOU it was also stipulated that the concern of visa fees and taxes charged on Ugandans and Rwandans crossing to the DRC be addressed through a tripartite meeting. 
Commissioner General Gasana, Rwandan national police chief, told his Ugandan counterpart of how they need to change tactics in handling modern and emerging transnational crimes such as cybercrimes, terrorism and ideological crimes. 
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General Kale Kayihura observed that while free movement of goods and services between the countries is healthy, there needs to be a lot of vigilance for it not to be exploited by criminal elements.
Kayihura added that in order to facilitate development and transformation of these two neighboring countries, shared security mechanisms remain paramount. 
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