Uganda Attempts to Broker Peace Deal in Somalia

908 Views Mogadishu, Somalia
The Ugandan Government is brokering a peace deal between the embattled government in Sudan and its opponents. Ngoma Ngime, Uganda's presidential envoy to Somalia, told the French press agency (AFP) that he has held talks with President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, who he said supported the latest initiative. Ngime said he was yet to meet the opposition groups in another attempt to seek stability in the war-torn country. Ngime said the meditation effort will involve those who are fighting the government inside Somalia and opposition groups that are based in the Eritrean capital, Asmara. Uganda, which has deployed a vanguard force of at least 1,500 peacekeepers to the African Union Mission to Somalia, has also pledged to help train a Somali police force. Despite the Ugandan peace initiative, opposition groups, including the recently-formed Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia, have vowed not to enter into dialogue with the interim government until Ethiopia withdraws its troops from the country. Ethiopian forces, backing government fighters, ousted an Islamist movement from south and central Somalia at the start of the year and an unknown number remain in the country. Meanwhile, Somali insurgents killed eight people, including two government prosecutors, in Mogadishu on Friday, officials have said. A government official told AFP that at least five people were killed in BAkara, a volatile area of the capital. Of the five, two worked in the office of the prosecutor general. Unidentified gunmen also killed a former senior army officer, General Ahmed Jilow Addow, his driver and a third person in northern Mogadishu.