Uganda AIDS Commission Engages Cultural Leaders Against HIV

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The Uganda AIDS Commission wants more engagement with cultural and religious leaders, so that they can spread messages against HIV/AIDS.

Uganda AIDS Commission steps up involvement more cultural and religious leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Chairman of the Commission, Prof. Vinand Nantulya says they want to use cultural and religious leaders as conveyors of messages to their followers.

According to Nantulya, these category of leaders address many people in platforms that can be used to spread messages against HIV/AIDS.

Prof. Nantuya believes that since Ugandans still pay much attention to both cultural and religious leaders during their church sermons and public speeches, HIV prevention messages can be well propagated by them and reaches the targeted people effectively.

In a meeting organized by the AIDS Commission at Rwenzori International Hotel in Kasese on Monday, the religious and cultural leaders were also asked to incorporate messages of voluntary HIV AIDS testing.
This as Uganda joined the rest of the world to mark World AIDS Day.

The UNAIDS Country Director for Uganda, Musa Bungudu noted that the epidemic is being largely spread through unprotected sex.

Rwenzururu Kingdom Prime Minister, Noah Nzaghale also stressed the need for social behavior change among rural communities.

Nzaghale cited unregulated bars which open as early as 10am in the morning, drug abuse and uncontrolled operation of cinema halls in rural communities.

According to the HIV/AIDS country progress report for 2014, the prevalence rates in Uganda increased from 6.4 percent in 2004/2005 to 7.3 by 2011.