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Uganda Broadcasting Corporation is the public broadcaster of Uganda. It was formed as a result of the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Act, 2004, which merged the operations of Uganda Television and Radio Uganda.

The management of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) has pleaded with staff for patience, saying their two months' salary arrears will be cleared. 

It comes a day after some staff of the national broadcaster met and resolved to lay down their tools on Friday November 3, 2016 unless they receive their October and September salary arrears by today.

 A notice published on social media believed to be from UBC staff, warned that "No one will carry on with any work of UBC until they we are paid our salaries." Adding that, "For those who think UBC is their home just dare do anything and we shall act on you."

Now, in an internal memo addressed to staff, Wilson Agaba, the Managing UBC, notes that management is cognisant of the fact that they have delayed with the remittance of salaries for October 2016 and partially that of September emphasising that they are looking at various avenues of raising finances to make good on all outstanding balances.

"The maturity exhibited by all staff during this financial squeeze is commended and I do call upon you to be more patient and prudent as we wait for what we await for what is due to us. This will happen in due course," reads the memo. He also notes in the memo that it is unfortunate that social media is awash wish misguided, misleading and malicious information about UBC. 

Agaba also dismisses rumours that he has resigned as false. According to Agaba, the impending strike cannot be motivated by a well-wisher who knows where UBC has come from and the positive strides being made to improve revenue generation and the lobbying already done to increase Government support to meet all expenses. He calls upon all staff to remain calm and execute their work diligently. 

Agaba asks the staff to talk to those who have been taken up by the idea to strike to stop it. UBC has close to 500 employees deployed at the various stations across the country. Some of the staff didn't turn up for work on Wednesday. 

Uganda Broadcasting Corporation is the public broadcaster of Uganda. It was formed as a result of the "Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Act, 2004", which merged the operations of Uganda Television and Radio Uganda. Currently, UBC operates several radio and television channels spread across Uganda.


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