Two Suspected Highway Robbers Arrested in Kamwenge

1286 Views Kamwenge, Uganda
Two suspected highway robbers have been arrested in Kamwenge district. Police arrested David Kasakandi of ibanda and Francis Matsiko of Kengeya village in Kamwenge district last evening. Their arrest stems from an incident on September 24th when the alleged suspects waylaid Luciano Tumukwasibwe, at Nkurungo Bridge and robbed him of shs.1.5 million. Luciano was reportedly attacked on his way from Mahyoro trading center. Alumu Diana, the criminal investigations officer for Kawnge says the duo was arrested in response to a tip by one of the residents in the area. The third suspect has been identified as Julius Kaharata, who is currently on the run. The suspects are being detained at Buhanda police post. Investigations are still on and when complete the suspects will be charged with robbery according to Diana.


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