Two Dismissed from UPDF in Arua

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Two UPDF soldiers from the 409 West Nile Brigade have been dismissed from the army for deserting the force. Both Private Kassim Nyondo and Private Gerald Rwakamu were convicted following a resolution passed by the brigade's disciplinary committee, chaired by Lt. Col. Nelson Obiale. Nyondo pleaded guilty to the charge of desertion and was sentenced to one year in prison and dismissed from the army with disgrace. Rwakamu on the other hand was found guilty of being in possession of drugs and was sentenced to two years in prison and also dismissed with disgrace. Both are being imprisoned in Arua Government Prison. Four other officers have been granted bail to allow prosecution wind up investigations into their cases. They are Capt W. A. Komakech and Capt P. M. Owach. The two are accused of pursuing personal interests and endangering operation efficiency contrary to section 124 of the UPDF Act. Others given bail are Lt. Dick Sam Kitara of West Nile Task Force II, charged with conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, and Lt. S. Kwezi, who is charged with scandalous conduct by officer extra. The west Nile army spokesman, Lt. Paul Wamboga, says that the army will not tolerate acts that are in contravention of the UPDF code of professionalism. Just on Thursday, the Uganda People's Defence Forces field court martial in Muhoti Barracks, Fort Portal dismissed four soldiers from on charges of desertion


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