Tuberculosis Patients Urged to Complete Dosage

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The Minister of State for Primary Health Care, Opendi Ochieng Sarah has called upon the public to support Tuberculosis patients to complete treatment.

The Minister of State for Primary Health Care, Opendi Ochieng Sarah has called upon the public to support Tuberculosis patients to complete treatment.
Opendi made the call on Thursday while officiating at the National Tuberculosis Day celebrations at Masaka Liberation Square in Masaka town. She said that the country is performing well in identifying Tuberculosis patients but a big number of patients diagnosed with Tuberculosis cannot complete treatment. 
Opendi said that it’s dangerous for tuberculosis patients to default treatment because they risk developing multi drug resistant tuberculosis which is more dangerous and hard to treat tuberculosis.
She noted that as the country commemorates this International Tuberculosis Day it should be every ones’ responsibility to support patients on Tuberculosis treatment to complete the prescribed treatment because tuberculosis is curable.
Opendi further said that there is a great combination between Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS asking the public to be at a look out for this combination saying that Tuberculosis is the number one killer of HIV/Aids patients because every 10 deaths of HIV/Aids Patients 3 are caused by Tuberculosis.
She however, raised concern over the health workers who dispense drugs to patients without diagnosing them. She said that some health workers just look at patients and dispense drugs with carrying out tests to identify what they are suffering from saying that this should be stopped.
The day’s theme was “A call for a world free of Tuberculosis” and the slogan is Stop Tuberculosis in my future life time.
The National Tuberculosis and Leprosy coordinator, Dr. Francis Mugabe, said that according to the 2012 statistics the country registers over 50,000 cases of Tuberculosis. The challenge is that nearly 5000 patients don’t complete treatment.
He said that the community should be involved in supporting Patients on Tuberculosis treatment so that they can complete the treatment so as to prevent them from developing multi drug resistant tuberculosis.
Director General of Health Services, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, said that said that tuberculosis is a disease caused by poverty, poor hygiene, and overcrowding which can be prevented. She said that the ministry of Health is currently training health workers under the Tuberculosis program to help in handling patients with TB.
She said that Government has made tuberculosis drugs available for the first Tuberculosis and multidrug resistant tuberculosis free of charge asking the patients to always complete the treatment.
She said that it’s very expensive to treat multidrug resistant tuberculosis since a dose goes for a million shillings yet it is easy to treat tuberculosis patients appealing to the member of the public to complete treatment to avoid developing multidrug resistant tuberculosis. 
Amor district and Kiruhura won awards for being the best performers in identifying patients with tuberculosis.


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