Top Kasese Education Officers to be Interdicted

1065 Views Kasese, Uganda
A select committee of the Kasese District Council has recommended the immediate interdiction of three senior civil servants in the Education Department over the mismanagement of the department. A report from the committee on the deployment of teachers in the district accuses the Kasese District Education Officer Costa Baluku, his Senior Personnel Officer Joshua Miramagho and Personal Assistant Azalia Isuka of failing to carryout duties assigned to them. The report says female teachers are favored by the education department and are rarely posted to schools in far-reaching areas of the district where their services are needed the most. It also found that the technocrats failed to clamp down on schools that inflated their student numbers and did not have proper communication channels or files to track the developments in the district. According to the report communication between the District Education Officer and his staff is made through small handwritten chits that are discarded after use. The special committee recommended that Baluku and his colleagues be interdicted to allow for a full investigation into the Education Department. It said the probe it had conducted had only covered two percent of the schools in Kasese and that a wider investigation was needed to clean up the deparment. The committee also recommended that teachers who had failed to report to their new postings in the district should be sacked immediately. It also wants teachers who are working deep in the mountainous areas in Kasese to receive a 30 percent pay raise for their efforts. The three education officers were unavailable to comment on the report.