Three-Year-Old Rakai Boy Killed in Ritual Murder

1175 Views Rakai town, Uganda
The body of a three-year-old boy has been found in Rakai mutilated. The boy, Martin Mukiibi, went missing on June 30th from his grandmother's home in Kakoma village, Kalisizo Sub-County. Hadijah Namugaba, the grandmother, claims that a casual laborer in the area called Baker Muhwezi was last seen with Martin. She says Muhwezi was known to her family and other people in the area and no suspicions were raised when he left with the little boy. A village-wide search was mounted for Martin when he didn't return home. On Sunday his body was found in a maize field, about 300 from his grandmother's home. The boy's tongue, heart and private parts were cut out. It is believed the organs were used for witchcraft. Christopher Rugumayo, the southern regional CID officer, says Baker Muhwezi is the sole suspect in the murder for the time being. He says Muhwezi's hoe was found close to the body and the suspect is being questioned at Kalisizo police station for his alleged role in the case.