Three Arrested for Domestic Violence in Jinja

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Three men storm a home in jinja demanding for a will

Thee men in Jinja have been arrested for allegedly stirring domestic violence.

The suspects are Adam Wasswa, of Namugongo in Kampala, Peter Otim and Ronald Nsanji.

Wasswa claiming to be a biological son of the late Ausi Baligeya, stormed the home of Baligeya's widow, Nakasango Baligeya, on Friday morning demanding for his father's will and property.

Wasswa who initially appeared friendly to the woman explained that Baligeya was his father and identified his mother as Hjjat Umi Umar.

But shortly after, Wasswa summoned two masked men armed with machetes, who stormed the house, who pushed the widow and her children into one room and started demanding for the will. 
  Wasswa demanded for the keys to the rooms and threatened to harm everybody of they did not surrender to his order.

But the mission of the attackers was short-lived after some of the widow's relatives alerted police, leading to the arrest of the three men.

Ivan Bruno Kimalyo, the criminal investigations officer, says the three men will be charged with criminal trespass, attempted murder and illegal possession of dangerous weapons.

But while at police, Wasswa maintained that his fight for his rights is not yet over. He told police that he had no intention to harm his stepmother and siblings but just wanted to scare them into accepting him into the family.

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