Teso IDP's Recieved Beer Sorghum Instead of Food Sorghum

993 Views Soroti, Uganda
The parliamentary committee investigating the supply of fake agricultural seeds and equipment to resettle internally displaced persons is in Teso for consultations with local authorities. Committee chairman, Deus Bikwasizehi says his team wants to establish whether there was criminal conduct that can lead to court action. Most of the sorghum, groundnuts and maize seeds supplied to Teso, Lango, Acholi and west Nile failed to germinate while pangas, hoes and axes were deemed substandard. The committee members met and the LCV, chairpersons, CAOs and District Disaster management co-ordinators of Soroti, Amuria and Kaberamaido in Soroti town to hear their views on the seeds and equipment. Some district leaders displayed small hoes, pangas and axes without factory labels that were supplied by Prime Minister's office. All the Teso district chairpersons say the equipment that was supplied was fake but they had to go a head distribute it because the people are desperate. The committee was also informed that the prime ministers office supplied Epuripuri sorghum used for making eagle beer instead of iSekedoi type that is used for food for. Amuria district chairperson, Julius Ochen described some of the farm tools supplied as completely new. //Cue in iFor us we have#.i Cue out i#.locally manufacture themi// The chairpersons want government to decentralization the purchase of supplies to local authorities which have a better understanding of their usage. Chief Administrative Officers blamed the prime ministers office for always delivering the equipment and seeds on weekends when there is less manpower to verify the quantity and quality of materials.


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