Strange Bird Disease Worries Poultry Farmers in Ssembabule

1182 Views Sembabule, Uganda
Poultry farmers in Ssembabule district are grappling with massive loss of chicken, following an outbreak of a yet to be diagnosed disease. The Kabale village LC1 Chairman, Godfrey Tumwekwase, says more than 400 birds have fallen victim to the strange disease in the last four days. Tumwekwase says that the disease was first noticed five days ago, when some of the birds became ill. Symptoms of the strange disease include sore nostrils, red eyes and mucus. Tumwekwase says the disease kills the chicken in two to three hours time after infection. Lwebitakuli Sub County has been hard hit by the latest calamity, and there is fear that if not checked the disease could spread to other areas. The Ssembabule District Veterinary Officer, Byaruhanga Kabigumire, has confirmed the incident and dispatched a team of vet doctors to study samples of the dead birds. Kabigumire however says that until the results are received, it would be difficult to categorise the disease.


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