Soroti Municipality, Sub County in Boundary Dispute

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Edward Esegu, the LC3 Chairperson Soroti Sub County, blames Soroti Municipal council of encroaching on their territorial boundaries.

Soroti Municiaplity and Soroti Sub County are embroiled in a wrangle over a block of land at Gweri along the Soroti-Mbale high way. The conflict which, started last year, has worsened as leaders from both sides can neither talk nor see eye to eye. The conflict has reached the office of Soroti Resident District Commissioner.

The warring parties have petitioned the RDC seeking his indulgence in the matter. Edward Esegu, the LC3 Chairperson Soroti Sub County, blames Soroti Municipal council of encroaching on their territorial boundaries.

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Winfred Ideru, the chief Soroti sub county says the land in contention reportedly belongs to National Forestry Authority. Ideru pointed out that, during the exercise to open up the boundaries between Soroti Sub County and Soroti municipality it emerged that Madera, Aminit, Opuyo (Gweri block) and Oderai are the other contested areas. Ideru says that according to the old map the contested land was under Soroti Sub County.

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Alfred Aruo, the Mayor Soroti Municipal council says also under contention are chunks of land in Madera, Pamba (Opiyai), Oderai and Moruapesur. Soroti Municipality consists of Northern, Eastern and western divisions.
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Michael Egunyu, Soroti district Chairperson told URN that there has been a lot of tensuion between the leaders on Soroti sub county and the municipality.  He is however, confident that they will resolve the conflict. Isaac Lulaba, the Soroti resident District Commissioner acknowledged that the matter has reached his office. Lulaba says his office will go with the details on the district map.
Stephen Galima , the Manager National forestry Authority (NFA) Kyoga Range says the contested land is under National Forestry Authority adding that, the fight between Soroti Sub County and Soroti Municipality is uncalled for.

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