Soroti Hospital Registers Increase in Malnourished Cases

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Ikiyai says patients admitted to the unit are provided with milk and nutritious food.

The number of malnourished patients visiting Soroti Regional Referral Hospital is on the rise.  Records at the hospital obtained by our reporter show that 136 patients visited the hospital in July, 140 in August and 190 in September 2014. 

Sr. Anna Grace Ikiyai, a Nursing Officer in the Nutrition Unit, says 466 cases of malnourished patients most of them children were registered over the past three month, which is bigger compared to 581 cases registered the whole of last year.
She is worried that, the number could exceed 1000 cases this year if the current trend continues. According to Ikiyai, there are many cases of malnourished children with the communities in Teso sub region.  She pointed out that most of the patients received at the hospital are from Kaberamaido followed by Soroti, Amuria, Serere and Katakwi districts. 

As a result of this Soroti Regional Referral Hospital has set up a special care unit for malnourished children. Ikiyai says patients admitted to the unit are provided with milk and nutritious food. She however, emphasizes the need for outreach programs to sensitize the communities on the benefits of balanced diet to address the problem.

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According to Ikiyai, three quarters of the children admitted at Soroti Regional referral Hospital became malnourished because of being removed from breast feeding at an early stage.

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She says that, some of the adults cases are malnourished because of HIV/AIDs, Pregnancy, and lack of a proper diet.

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 28- year-old Anna Grace Aanyu is one of the mothers attending to her six year old daughter Lilian Adongo in the nutrition ward. According to Aanyu, a resident of Abwanget in Katakwi district she finds difficult to feed her six year old daughter.

Aanyu explains that, she feeds her child on porridge made from Cassava and Sorghum yet the child is supposed to be fed on nutritious food. 


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