Secretary Earns a Living Selling Meat

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In 2011, Among decided to quit her secretarial job and started vending roasted cassava along Soroti – Lira high way in Nakatunya in Western Division.

A woman in Soroti is minting cash after abandoning her poorly paying secretarial job to become a butcher. Grace Among graduated with a diploma in secretarial studies from the Institute of Management Science and Technology-IMSAT in 2003. She got a secretarial job in 2005 at a private firm in Soroti town, where she was earning 75,000 shillings a month.

Among says that life was too hard for her because her salary wasn’t enough to pay school fees for her three children, rent and provide food. In 2011, Among decided to quit her secretarial job and started vending roasted cassava along Soroti – Lira high wayin Nakatunya in Western Division.
However, she abandoned the job on advice from her doctor since she was expecting her fourth child. Among explains that her doctor warned her against staying close to the fire for a very long time, saying it would affect her baby. Immediately, after delivering in 2012, Among decided to become a butcher.
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Among explains that she was lured into becoming a butcher by a man she only identifies as Abdallah, a butcher at Obuku market near Soroti sub county headquarters.  According to Among, her husband Emma Ejoku contributed the initial capital of 300,000 shillings, which she used to buy six goats to start her butchery.
She says initially, she met a lot of challenges as people would laugh at her saying she was wasting her diploma to sell meat.
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According to Among, she uses her earnings from the butchery to support her husband who is a driver to educate theirfour children. The children go to Halcyon High school, Living Hope P/S, Life Way Primary school and Mercy Seat In fortunate Nursery and Primary school.  She says that unlike when she started, she has a very many customers who call her when she doesn’t appear for work.

Among says that some of the women who used to laugh at her when she started are considering joining the business adding that, some of them are already consulting her. Farida Agejo aka Mama Saida is also a butcher at Obuku Market. Agejo says Among has gained experience in selling and chopping meat.


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