Rutooma SS Suspends Compulsory Computer Lessons

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In short
The school has been improvising with obsolete type writers to train students.
The move to suspend computer teaching from kashari county based USE School follows the Government failure to supply the school 42 computers to help in the teaching of practical computer lessons.

Rutooma secondary school in Mbarara has finally suspended the compulsory computer studies over lack of computers. Rutooma secondary school is one of the government aided school implementing Universal Secondary Education-USE program. In 2011, the Ministry of Education introduced compulsory computer lesson for students at Ordinary level. Each school was expected to receive 42 computer sets from the ministry for the implementation of the program.
However, the administration of Rutooma secondary school claims that since then, no computer has been delivered to the school by the ministry. The school has been improvising with obsolete type writers to train students. Now, Abbel Herbert, the head teacher Rutooma secondary school says that they have been forced to stop computer lessons until the ministry delivesr computers. He believes that their decision will compel government to immediately intervene and save the children from missing out on such important skills.

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Didan Aruho, the chairman school council says the students are worried that they will be left on acquiring the important computer skills that which would impair their ability to compete with other students in examination.

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Diisi Bekunda, one of the concerned parents say they are considering withdrawing their children from the school and instead take them to other schools with better facilities.

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Recently while assessing challenges faced by schools implementing computer teaching lessons in western region, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, the minister of information and technology IT said it is government’s policy to equip all schools.
Rugunda says by June this year, more than 1000 schools will given computers fully connected to the internet to help instructors to easily extract visual examples and explanations, which he said are impossible to provide in the everyday classroom.

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