Royal Rifts Sparked Off Kasubi Royal Tombs Fire, Says Witness

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Abdul Lubinga Migadde, says the tensions within the royal family sparked off the fire that gutted the royal tombs in Kasubi. Appearing before the commission of enquiry into the fire, Lubinga who officiates at the selection and performs the coronation functions of a person to take the office of a Kabaka told the commission that a number of cultural and traditions norms were sidelined, sparking off the rage of the spirits. Lubinga a lorry driver says traditionally he is supposed to officiate at the selection and installation of the Nnalinya, but that Katikiro John Bosco Walusoimbi took over his duty. He also claimed that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is being ill advised. He says if the traditions were being followed he would be the right person to sit next to the Kabaka before the Katikiro, but this tradition is no-longer being regarded. Lubiga says with many rituals being abused, he does not rule out the possibility that the fire was a result of the spirits rage. He says at the coronation of the Kabaka in 1993 he was supposed to get at least 90 heads of cattle, 90 backcloths pieces and over 90 servants, a tradition that has not taken place. Lubinga is also against the recent dismissal of Nnalinya Beatrice Namikka from Kasubi tombs. He argues that a living Nnalinya is never succeeded. He says if such incidences continue, more and more rifts shall be created leading to calamities in the kingdom. On Wednesday, Natijjo Katende Mukiibi, told the commission that the long existing rifts within the royal family rotating around property, succession and land might have led to the setting of Muzibu Azaala Mpanga on fire early this year. The commission headed by Justice George Steven Engwau , was set up by government in September, and mandated to look at the causes of the fire that gutted the heritage site on March 16th. The commission is also expected to assess the security status of the tombs at the time of the fire, as well as provide preventive measures to avert similar incidents in future. Hearings are expected to end in January 2011


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