Ritual Murder Suspects get 45 year Jail Term

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She said that her mutilated body was later found dumped in a bush next to Mande’s home.

Four men accused of killing a 12-year-old girl in a ritual sacrifice in Kyankwanzi district are to spend the next 45 years in jail. The suspects appeared before Justice Faith Mwondha on Wednesday, who found them guilty of killing 12–year–old Sylvia Kangume. They are Mande Wanyama, Richard Katumba, Josephe Muganga and Fred Kaliisa, a witchdoctor. A special High court session sitting in Kiboga district, heard that on March 20, 2009 while at Ntunda village in Nsambya Sub County in Kyankwanzi district the suspect murdered Kangume in a ritual sacrifice.
The deceased’s mutilated body was found dumped in a bush with some body parts missing. A sniffer dog led Cops to Kaliisa’s shrine found at Nalukonge village where the, the body parts and blood were discovered. During the hearing of the case, prosecution led by Immaculate Aguntoko; the Kiboga state attorney presented four witnesses including Faridah Kemirembe, the mother to the deceased and Geoffrey Onen, a government expert who pinned the suspects on the crime. Kemirembe told court that on the fateful day daughter who was a pupil at Ntunda primary school was seen being carried on a bicycle by Wanyama Mande. She said that her daughter's mutilated body was later found dumped in a bush next to Mande’s home.

Geoffrey Onen, the government analyst told court that the DNA tests showed the blood found at the shrine matched withsamples taken from Kangume. The suspects who had maintained innocence from day one of the trial, pleaded for court mercy. They explained that they had dependants to look after and that they had spent a lot of years on remand. In her ruling, Mwondha found the suspects guilty and sentenced them to 45 years in jail. She explained that many children who are being targeted by such people need protection adding that, the 45 years they will spend in jail will enable young children to grow. Mwondha said the sentence would also send a strong signal to other would be offenders that the long arm of the law will catch up with.

The murder of Kangume in 2009 drew the attention of Kale Kayihura, the Inspector general of police after it was highly publicized. Kayihura pitched camp into Ntunda village for four days and took charge of the investigations. He also ordered the arrest of Joseph Tukamushaba, the officer of Kigando police post after he was accused by relatives of the deceased of attempting to frustrate the case.


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