Rakai Killings: 20th Person Killed, Two Arrested

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Police say Edith Tebasuulwa is the 20th person to be killed in a similar manner in just four months in Rakai district.

Another woman was on Friday night attacked at her home and brutally killed in Rakai district.
Unknown assailants attacked Edith Tebasuulwa (60), a resident of Kisamula village in Kasaali Sub-county-Rakai District, and cut her throat using a sharp knife.
The incident occurred at around 9.30pm as Tebasuulwa was preparing supper in the kitchen outside her house.
A 6-months-old baby whom she was carrying on her back during the incident survived.
However, police has arrested the deceased’s grandchildren identified as Fred Matovu and Gerald Lwebuga in connection with the murder.
Police say this is the 20th person to be killed in a similar manner in just four months.
Kisamula LCI Chairman Kibuuka Dalawusi says the deceased lodged a complaint last month about strange men who frequently roamed around her home every night.
Kaleega Baker, one of the deceased’s neighbours, says the two suspects claim to found her body lying in a pool of blood few minutes after her murder which aroused the suspicion of residents.
He adds that they immediately informed police which arrived and arrested the Matovu and Lwebuga.
Rose Nabakooza, the district CID, confirmed their arrest saying they are helping police in their investigations.
She says the two suspects are still in custody at Rakai Police station as investigations into the killing continue.
However, Matovu and Lwebuga denied having a hand in their grandmother’s death saying they had gone to see the 6-year-old baby when they found her dead.
They said they had resorted to paying regular visits since Tebasuulwa told them about strange men who always roam around her home.
It is still not clear as to why mysterious killings are escalating in Rakai district. 20 people have been killed in just four months despite police’s efforts.
In February, the district CID Rose Nabakooza linked the killings to terrorism which the Inspector General Police dismissed saying it were just group of thugs or murderers hired to kill innocent people in Rakai.