Rakai Hailstorm Victims Starving

1351 Views Rakai town, Uganda
Families, whose homes were destroyed by hailstorm in Rakai over the weekend, are starving. The over 600 storm victims have not received any form of relief aid from government or the Rakai district leadership. Most of hailstorm victims have pitched camp in Lwamagwa, Lunoni, Kibuka and Kyanika trading centers without hope of getting any assistance. Other victims have decided to return to their destroyed home and patiently wait for relief supplies. Residents in Lwamagwa Trading Centre say that children below the age of 15 years are seen walking at night looking for food and where to sleep. Abel Ndalike, Lwamagwa Sub county LC III Chairman says that his sub county does not have any funds to provide assistance to the storm victims. Ndalike says that the situation of the displaced families is worsening, each day since their crop gardens were destroyed by the storm. He says that they waited in vain for a team from the district to come and asses the situation of the displaced people yesterday. According to Ndalike, the storm victims need food, clean drinking water, cloths, blankets and medicine. He appeals to well wishers in the district to donate some relief item as they await a government response to the situation. Erasmus Magulumaali, the Kooki County MP visited the displaced families over the weekend and promised to deliver some relief in vain. Magulumaali says that he has written to the disaster preparedness minister to provide assistance to the displaced families. He urges the affected families to remain patient as the process takes time.


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