Rains Affect Seasonal Crop Prices

1280 Views Kampala, Uganda
Traders in Kampal's largest market say prices of cereals such as beans, maize, groundnuts, soya beans and cowpeas will remain high because of unceasing rains. Traders say that major groundnuts producing areas in Bunyoro, Arua, Masaka and Soroti, have been affected by the floods. A kilogram of groundnuts now goes for 1500 shillings at wholesale stores. The price of beans is expected to reduce from 1600 a kilogram as areas like Mbarara, Kasese, Paidha and Bunyoro start harvesting. Andrew Muyanja a trader in Owino market says some bean producing areas were affected by a 3 month drought last season and have had continuous rains this season. However, the price of Irish potatoes which had reached a peak of 80,000 shillings a bag recently is expected to start reducing because Kisoro products have started coming on line. Paul Mugalya a businessman in Owino says a sack of Irish potatoes now goes for 45,000 shillings. He says the price was pushed up when traders were only accessing Irish potatoes from Kabale. Singo producers are also expected to start harvesting soon, which will increase the supply and push down the price. //Cue in: iThe price has# Cue out: #to go down.i// According to Mugalya, the price of Irish potatoes is kept high because of its many uses. Irish potatoes from Singo are ideal for making crisps while those from Kisoro and Kabale are good for making chips.


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