Radio Proprietor Arrested in Kabale

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The two men are accused of sabotaging government’s immunisation program.

Justus Bagamuhunda, the Director and Proprietor of the Kabale based FM Freedom Radio and Mugisha Bareba, an  LC 1 Chairman for Murole Trading Centre, have been arrested for their alleged involvement in sabotaging government programes.

The two men are accused of sabotaging government’s immunisation program.

The District Police Commander,Godfrey Biryomumeisho, said on Sunday that Bagamuhunda, who also runs the  National Foundation for Human Rights and Development, chased away health officials who turned up at his home in Kitumba- Kabale, to immunize his children against Polio.

Bagamuhunda allegedly rubbished the immunization programe describing it as a “gimmick by the European countries to finish off the African race”.

The Murole LC official is also accused of mobilizing peasants to boycott the immunization campaign.

Cox Nyakairu, the Resident District Commission, who is charged with supervising government programs in the District, said the government is mandated by the constitution to protect its citizens against suspected security threat or an outbreak of an epidemic in the country.

The District Director of Health Services, Dr.Patrick Tusiime, accused the two officials of  being insensitive to the lives of the young children and urged the Uganda Communication Commission, to think twice before renewing the license of Freedom Radio.
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