Quack Herbalists Arrested with Crocodile Sex Organs

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Police in Masaka is holding two men, including a student, after they were found selling the sexual organs of a crocodile to women.

Police in Masaka is holding two men, including a student, after they were found selling the sexual organs of a crocodile to women.
The two suspects who claim to be traditional doctors are Hassan Mubiru of Kangulumira village and Faizo Mugula, a S.2 student of Kangulumila Secondary School in Mukono district.
They were arrested from Muwumuza guest house in Kachafu zone in Nyendo town on Thursday following a complaint from a female client.
The complainant, a resident of Kachafu zone, reported to police that the two suspects had extracted 200,000 shillings from her in December 2012. She said that they had promised to give her the sexual organs of a crocodile that would stop her husband of two years from engaging in anymore extramarital affairs.
However, the 'medicine' she received from the two men on December 22, 2012 did not change her husband's behaviour within a week as the men had claimed it would.
She said the men had given her a small, hard piece of animal skin she was supposed to crush into powder form and sprinkle in her husband's food. The concoction was supposed to make her husband faithful or render him impotent if he tried to consummate his extramarital affairs.
The officer in-charge of Nyendo police station, Martin Onmigiu said the two suspects were found in possession of a small whitish hard piece of an animal skin said to be the sex organs of a crocodile.
They were also found with some herbal concoctions packed in polythene bags, back-cloths, bells, knives, pipes, sticks and animal skins which they were reportedly using to perform rituals. 
Although the two men had a salon car with loud speakers advertising their services, Onmigiu said the suspects did not have any certificate to permit them to sell drugs.
The two men are held at Nyendo police station.
Onmigiu said that the two men will be charged with impersonation and selling herbal medicine without a license.
The Chairman of Masaka District Traditional Healers Association, Kayinga Kiggundu said the district has over 250 traditional doctors operating in villages and towns but only 80 are legally registered with Masaka district local government.
He cautioned the public to be careful when seeking traditional doctors' services because many quack traditional doctors in the towns of Nyendo and Kyabakuza in Masaka municipality.  where people are conned of their money and even women are raped inside the shrines.
Kiggundu blamed the LC1 chairmen in these areas for accepting bribes from quack doctors to allow them to operate in their communities. He asked the police to continue with the crackdown against quacks in the district.