Protesters Play Hide and Seek in Masaka

1449 Views Masaka, Uganda
With security tight, police looking for the walk to work protesters in Masaka have a tough time.

The protesters are playing hide and seek to avoid arrest, as tensions between them and the police remain palpable.

More than 30 people carrying placards that read, “ Museveni do something on fuel prices or else step down”, set off from Nyendo this morning, but were blocked as they closed in on Masaka town.

Fearing arrest, the protesters made their way back into Nyendo where they have decided to hole themselves up in the cluttered shacks.

What started off as a protest march is slowly becoming a game of hide and seek between the police and the protesters. The protesters bring their faces out of the shacks, see the police and then run back.

Police visibly aware that the protesters are hiding in Nyendo have stood ground there. 

More than 100 anti-riot policemen, commanded by GertrudeTemaya, the officer in charge of Nyendo police station have sealed off Nyendo town. A tear gas truck has been used to barricade the road to Masaka.

Some anti-riot policemen have been stationed near club ambiance at the entrance to Masaka town from Nyendo, while others are stationed at Nyendo Welcome on the entrance to Nyendo from Kampala.

Noah Sserunjogi, The Southern Region police spokesperson, says police is high on the alert and will not hesitate to crush the demonstrators.

But the Masaka MP elect and national coordinator for Action for Change Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, says the action by police is an infringement on the people’s rights to demonstrate and movement.
In Masaka and Nyendo town, some shops have not been opened for fear of violence.

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