Poor Planning Hampering Efforts to Improve Sanitation In Slums

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Kifumbira located North East of Kampala in Mulago 3 parish is one of the biggest slums in Kampala. An estimated 5000 people live in Kifumbira slum an area occupying less than a square kilo meter. Just like many slums across the world the hygiene and sanitation conditions in Kifumbira slums are appalling. The Mulago 3 parish councilor Henry Ssempili Mukasa says proper sanitation and hygiene is still a long dream in the area. Mukasa argues that efforts to improve sanitation are undermined by poor planning and the increasing number of people. Ssempili says that the number of residents in Kifumbira is over whelming the number of VIP toilets provided to the area by KCC and other none governmental organizations. // Cue in: iYou can find# Cue out: # using it.i Elizabeth Kebirungi, the administrator of Mulago 3 Sustainable Sanitation and Water Renewal System, a non government organization, promoting cheap sanitation systems says that the biggest problem in Kifumbira is the poor disposal human waste and garbage. She says human waste is discharged into the drainage systems, while some people use flying toilets (polyethylene bags) during the night. She says that the population density in Kifumbira is too high, with about 5 occupying a two square meter room. Kebirungi says it's from such an environment, that children are raised. //Cue in: iPeople # Cue out: #. systems.i // The lack of access roads is one of the reasons area leaders cite hampering their efforts to fight the poor hygiene and sanitation. But Rose Kaddu, the Kifumbira village local council secretary for environment says creating access roads would result in the displacement of residents and cause more problems.


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