Polling Station Goes Missing In Lira

1679 Views Lira, Uganda
Cultural Center polling station, located 300 meters from the Lira army barracks, in Lira town has gone missing and the voters registered under this station are stranded. Prominent among the stranded voters, is jimmy Akena, the incumbent MP lira Municipality. Akena arrived at the polling station this morning only to find an empty space, with no sign of voting activity. Several other voters who in 2006, voted from Cultural Center polling station, looked on in confusion, demanding to know what happened to their polling center. Patrick Ochana, the district registrar, however explained that cultural Center polling station was relocated to Lira army primary school. He explained that depending on the electoral circumstances, it is acceptable for the electoral commission to rename, relocate and merge some polling stations. But, many voters say they were never given prior information about the relocation of cultural Center polling station. Some of the voters were visibly disappointed and said that they would not cast their votes.