Police Officer Remanded For Defilement, Extortion

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A police officer attached to Koboko police station is on remand in Gbukutu Government prison for alleged defilement and extortion.

A police officer attached to Koboko police station is on remand in Gbukutu Government prison for alleged defilement and extortion.
Reports from police indicate that Vicky Okuonzi, 54, the officer in charge Koboko police station, was on Wednesday arrested for defiling a 15 year old girl.
Josephine Angucia, the West Nile police spokesperson, the patrol officers got the girl stranded in the town while looking for her parents. She was later brought to Koboko police station for safe custody.
Angucia says as police kept on tracing for the girl’s parents, Okuonzi on Monday allegedly convinced the girl to work for him as a house maid and pay her 30,000 shillings per month. Okuonzi reportedly took the girl to his home that same night and defiled her three times.
According to Angucia, suspicious police officers in Okuonzi’s neighborhood tipped Edson Muganzi, the Koboko district police commander about the matter. She says Muganzi arrested the two in the same room.
She says on interrogation, the girl confessed having been defiled three times by Okuonzi in the same night.
Angucia said medical examinations carried on the girl from Koboko health centre IV on the same day also showed that the girl had been defiled. She explained that a charge of defilement was opened on Okuonzi and the case file was forwarded to the Resident State Attorney for advice.
Police are also investigating Okuonzi on allegations of extorting money from Crime Preventers to enable them join the police force.
According to police, Okuonzi was demanding unspecified amount of money from the crime preventers threatening not to recruit them if they did not pay.
Angucia said this was before names of disciplined and hardworking crime preventers were submitted to police headquarters to work on nominal roles in the force.
Angucia says Okuonzi’s act left many crime preventers complaining forcing some of them to report him to the DPC.
She said Okuonzi was arrested and produced before the Grade II magistrates court in Koboko on Tuesday to answer the two charges and later remanded to Gbukutu Government prison till February 8, 2012.


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