Police Moves to New Building but Finds Limited Space

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In short
Some police offices have been forced to move back to Kibuli police training school after they could not be accommodated at their new building in Naguru.

Some police officers have been forced to move back to Kibuli police training school after they could not be accommodated at their new building in Naguru.
Offices like that of Community Affairs, Child and Family and Political Education could not fit in the new two floor building. These offices are now at police training school, Kibuli.
The building which is supposed to be the headquarters of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation were taken up after parliament raised a query over the 100million shillings that police were paying in rent to city tycoon, Sudhir Ruperalia.
Police had been housed at the former British High Commission which was later bought by businessman Ruperalia in 2007.
The two floor glass building has the office of Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura sits on the second floor. To get to the IGP's office one needs to go through three check-points including that of his personal body guard.
Deputy police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango described Naguru as their own home out of which police would save money to improve police welfare.
//Cue in: “You know in parliament…
Cue out: …as usual.”//
The Deputy Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola also sits on second floor.
Other officers including police lawyers who could not be taken up by the few office space have resorted to sitting in the corridors.
The IGP has now moved the Public Relations Office which is headed by Judith Nabakooba close to his office, where they have been given new furniture to suit their current status.
The building is currently being fitted with telephone and internet cables, all the Directors who are at the Rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police are also housed on the second floor.
While the first floor has all the junior officers in their respective directorates. Even secretaries this time round have been put into a single pool because space is not enough.
Unlike Parliament Avenue the new police headquarters has a lot of parking space, however it will be difficult for senior officers not to attend meetings since the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura can easily see whoever drives in and out of the compound.
However, police had made a new road on which they have put speed humps to stop vehicles from over speeding and raising dust.

Visitors and police officers alike are yet to adjust to the new building’s layout and often have to stop and ask for directions to various offices. There are no directions to guide visitors in the building yet.