Police Block Anti-Sudhir Demonstration in Kisoro

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In short
Sudhir Ruparelia stirs up controversy in Kisoro with leasing of the town's mayor's garden.

Police in Kisoro have foiled a demonstration planned to protest against the leasing of part of the Mayor’s Garden to property tycoon, Sudhir Ruparelia.
The LC3 chairperson of Kisoro Town council, Sam Byibisho, says Ruparelia signed a Memorandum of Understanding offering to develop the garden in exchange for a section of 1.2 acres of land in the same area.  Byibisho says Ruparelia will build a branch of Crane Bank on the property and beauty the rest of the land with flowers and trees.
According to the Kisoro LC3 chairperson, it is a good deal.
However Ramzan Ndikuyezi, the man at the helm of the anti-Ruparelia campaign, says leasing the land is another way for politicians and rich businessmen from Kampala to grab prime property in Kisoro.  He says hundreds of residents had planned to demonstrate against the land grabbing, but were barred by the police.
Sam Byibisho calls Ndikuyezi a hypocrite.  He says the group leader wants to construct an office for the National Resistance Movement on the same land.
Byibisho says the construction of a bank and a modern computer facility on the land will benefit more people than the party office.
The southwestern regional police commander, Olivia Wawiire, says the police are still on standby to ensure that no violence breaks out.
In Kisoro town, Sudhir Ruparelia’s team has started its construction work.  None of the foremen on the ground were willing to speak about the controversy.