Pader Inmates Trek 8KM To Access Justice

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In short
Anthony Opio, the officer in charge of Kineni government prison says that the situation is worrying.

Inmates at Kineni government prison in Pader district trek for 16 kilometers to access justice. The inmates are made to walk to and back from court because of lack of transport. Anthony Opio, the officer in charge of Kineni government prison says the situation is worrying. He says that even sick inmates are forced to walk long distances to access treatement because of lack of transport.
Opio says that to make matters worse, on many occasions cases are not heard because police claims investigations are not complete. He is worried that the inmates will one day flee from justice in the process of trekking to court, which could have a negative impact on crime prevention in the district.

//Cue in: “Transport is problem…
Cue out: …to the station”//

Opio appeals to both the district and aid agencies to help them a truck that will help to transport inmates to court and supplies for the inmates. Kineni government prison which is located 8km along Pader Kalongo road in Ogom sub-county was opened in May last year. The prison has 18 warders and 101 inmates.


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