Obama Commiserates with Uganda as Al-Shabaab Celebrates Bomb Deaths

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United States President Barack Obama has called the terrorist attacks on Kampala last night "deplorable and cowardly." The French press agency (AFP) quotes the U.S. National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer who says Barack Obama is deeply saddened by the loss of lives resulting from the three attacks. Hammer says his president sends his condolences to the people of Uganda and the loved ones of those who have been killed and injured. He says the United States is ready to provide any assistance requested by the Ugandan government. Shortly after the bomb blasts that killed close to 60 people at the Lugogo rugby club and the Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kabalagala American security officers from the U.S. Embassy arrived at the scene. It was initially reported that four Americans were killed in the blast in Kabalagala and one involved in the attack at Lugogo died on arrival at the International Hospital in Kampala. Uganda Radio Network spoke to Dr. Ian Clark the director of International Hospital who confirmed the identity of the American involved in the Lugogo attack. He said she is Lindsay Williams, a volunteer with the NGO Invisible Children. However the U.S. embassy public affairs officer Joan Lockard told Reuters news agency that only one American was killed. She declined to give any further details. Police contacts say the Ugandan government is working with the U.S embassy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist in investigating the attack. Kale Kayihura, Uganda's Inspector General of Police, says he believes Al-Shabaab, the radical Somali Islamist group is behind the attack. Al-Shabaab has issued several threats against Uganda for its participation in the African Union peacekeeping mission to Somalia. Al-Shabaab leaders are not shedding any tears on the deaths in Kampala. In Mogadishu, Sheik Yusuf Sheik Issa, an al-Shabab commander, told the Associated Press that he was happy with the attacks in Uganda. Issa refused to confirm or deny that al-Shabab was responsible for the bombings. Issa said Uganda is an enemy of Somalia and whatever makes the country cry, makes Somali happy. During prayers on Friday, another al-Shabab commander, Sheik Muktar Robow, had called for militants to attack sites in Uganda and Burundi for their participation in the peacekeeping force.


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