Nwoya LC3 Chairman-Elect Arrested for Voter Bribery

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In short
Recently elected LC3 chairperson in Nwoya is arrested and arraigned in court for voter bribery.

A newly elected LC3 chairperson in Nwoya district has been arrested for voter bribery.

Geoffrey Onekalit, the LC3 chairman-elect of Alero Sub-County was first arrested two weeks ago on allegations that he distributed salt, sugar and soap to induce people to vote for him. He was released  on bond and asked to return to the police on March 21st.

The police claim that they recovered a carton of salt in the home of a man called Santo Obalim, who confessed that it had been given to him by Onekalit.

When Onekalit reported to the police yesterday, he was re-arrested and detained at Nwoya Central Police Station.

The District Police Commander Moses Okello says Onekalit was re-arrested in order to be arraigned in court today.

The detention came shortly after the politician's rival, Otto Nai of the National Resistance Movement, complained that he lost the elections in Alero because of widespread bribery.

Geoffrey Onekalit says he is the victim of a set up. He says the witness against him is a known NRM campaign agent working to undermine his victory.

Onekalit is one of only two Democratic Party candidates who won the LC3 elections in Nwoya.