Dry Spell Leaves Ntungamo Pineapple Farmers Counting Losses

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A number of farmers interviewed by URN believe they have lost it all this season because of the inconsistent and intermittent rains.

Pineapple farmers in Ntungamo district are counting losses following the long dry spell that has taken a toll on their gardens.
Pineapple farming is a lucrative business in Itojo Sub county and farmers mainly survive on the business for household income.
The Pineapples are mainly grown in the parishes of Nyongizi and Buhanama.
The farmers usually make great proceeds from the business during the month of September when the rains set in.
A number of farmers interviewed by URN believe they have lost it all this season because of the inconsistent and intermittent rains.

Maurice Kanyankole, from Nyaruteme in Itojo Sub County, says that he was hopeful that the rains would come early but this has remained a dream.
He says that in the past, they used to start receiving rains in mid-August but he is surprised that the month of September has ended without enough rains.
He suspects that the encroachment on wetlands could be responsible for this.
Felix Baryamujura, another farmer says the presence of enough pineapples in his garden in the past would attract traders from as far as Kampala who would buy in bulk and enable him get money.
He says the ministry of agriculture should consider extending incentives which include cheap fertilisers and water for irrigation so that production is boosted.
Baryamujura says that in the past, he would at least earn three million shillings from his 4 acres of pineapples but this is not the case for this season.
Baryamujura says that he has not earned even one million shillings from his garden.
Medard Tumwesigye, from Kyangarangwa cell in Nyongozi parish of Itojo Sub County, says that the prolonged drought was a problem and that affected the pineapples.
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Anthony Byaruhanga, Secretary for production in Ntungamo district says that the decline in the harvest is beyond their control. He says that the rains that used to start as early as August, instead delayed up to the end of September.

Byaruhanga says that individual farmers must now look beyond rain as a source of water for their gardens but instead harvest water for use in the dry season.

He also revealed that farmers should also champion campaigns to restore depleted wetlands which he says may be responsible for the absence of rain.


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