Ntoroko Voters Irked By Transfer of Polling Stations

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Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 With three days to the presidential and parliamentary elections, some voters in Ntoroko District are uncertain whether they will cast their votes, following the transfer of two polling stations. Last year, Kabimbiri A and B Polling stations in Haibale parish, Bweramule Sub County were transferred to Haibale Primary School playground, 13 kilometers from their previous location. The polling stations were transferred when the Electoral Commission was re-organizing polling stations in the country. According to the statistics at the office of the District Registrar Ntoroko, there are 500 voters from the two polling stations. This morning voters from Haibale parish were checking the list of the gazetted polling stations and their locations, at Bweramule Sub County headquarters, when they discovered that the two polling stations were transferred to another place. The voters argue that the polling stations say they may find it difficult to trek to their new polling stations. Wycliffe Alinganyira, a resident of Kabimbiri village says that accessing the polling stations is not easy because some residents cannot afford transport. He says that Boda Boda cyclists charge 4,000 shillings to and from Haibale Primary School, which some residents cannot afford. //Cue in: "that centre..." Cue out: "...walk all that distance."// Gorreti Banura, a voter says that the residents were not informed of the transfer of the polling station. She says that in the past, the residents could easily access the two polling stations, because they were closer to their homes. Banura says that the poor roads in the area may force Boda Boda cyclists to increase the fares to the polling stations. She wants the electoral commission to provide transport to the voters on the polling day. But Juma Shesa, the district registrar Ntoroko, says that the polling stations were transferred to a quiet place because traders have in the past disrupted voting. He also says that the commission cannot provide transport for the voters because the commission's vehicles will be used in monitoring the elections.


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Emmanuel Kajubu is proud to have been the first Ugandan journalist to write in depth pieces about the Tooro Kingdom institution. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Tooro Kingdom is what made him privy to the splits in the royal family. These splits almost challenged Tooro Omukama Oyo Nyimba Iguru's reign.

Culture, agriculture and the environment are just two areas of many of interest to Kajubu. As long as he has held a pen, Kajubu has also written about public policy, health and crime.

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