Ntoroko Stuck With Social Services Funds

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Allan Ashaba, Ntoroko Chief Administrative Officer attributes the non utilization of funds to low staffing and late release of funds by the central government.

Ntoroko district is on the verge of returning 6 billion shillings to the national treasury meant for road and water works in the 2013/204 financial year. In the 2013/2014 financial year, Ntorokodistrict council passed a budget of 15 billion shillings. 7 out of the 15 billion shillings, was allocated to improvement of roads and provision of clean water to residents.

However, only 1 billion shillings was used, depriving residents of services. Some of the roads that were earmarked for rehabilitation include Itojo- Kibuku road, Rwejesa-Karugutu road, and Rwebisengo-Kanara road.  However none of the roads have been worked on, making them inaccessible especially for farmers.
Moses Mugenyi, a banana farmer in Karambi parish, Karugutu Sub County says that they were anxiously waiting for the road to be fixed to ease the transportation of their bananas to the market for sale. Mugenyi says that he and other farmers spend three hours instead of one hour, transporting bananas to Karugutu central market because of the poor state of the road.
 //Cue in: "The road is not good..."

Cue out: "...reach at the market late."//

In Itojo Sub County, several water sources were supposed to be constructed, but there is none. Residents are forced to travel long distances in search of clean water. Allan Ashaba, Ntoroko Chief Administrative Officer attributes the non utilization of funds to low staffing and late release of funds by the central government.  
Ashaba says the works sector has only two staffs instead of six who are supposed to monitor activities such as road construction.  He also says that some times, the government releases the funds four months to the end of the financial year, which makes it difficult for the district to implement any activity.

Benjamin Mugisa, Ntoroko finance secretary blames the failure to utilize the funds on the bureaucratic tendencies in the district. Mugisa says despite the fact, bureaucracy is good for accountability it affects timely implementation of activities.
//Cue in: “Bureaucratic nature of gov’t work…”

Cue out: “…processes are so rigid.”//
According to Mugisa, non utilization of funds, will affect future budgeting because it will be a problem for the district to requisition for more funds.
//Cue in: “It affects future budgeting…”

Cue out: “…exhaust what was given.”//

The Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Planning and Economic Development is currently working on a proposal that will see funds retained by the local governments used in the following financial years.


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