NRM Polls in Kampala Called off Again

1621 Views Kampala, Uganda
The NRM party primary elections that were expected to resume this morning have been called off in Kampala. The polling has been called off on grounds that many of the potential voters are going to watch the Cranes game against Angola. Ofwono Opondo, the NRM party spokesperson, says that the postponement also stes from the leaked ballot papers. The papers were this morning found circulating even before they could be delievered to the polling centers. Moses Odeke, the presiding officer, Nakasero Market area in Kampala says that he has been told that the polls will resume on Sunday. The Sunday date too hangs in the balance because many Christians go to church on Sunday. For many NRM supporters, this can only be described as potentially the most disappointing and the anticlimax day to the drama that characterized the NRM party primary elections. The drama started on Monday when the electoral commission was caught pants down with a disorganized administration of the electoral process. Many voters names were missing from the registers, ballot papers were stolen, in other areas, it was the late delivery of voting materials. The media has this week done an excellent job taking patches of reports from the different places and weaving the incidents that have painted the bigger picture of the NRM party's botched election. The alleged thefts of ballot papers, delayed delivery of election materials, absentee election officials and vote rigging, have brought an already scatterbrained electorate to the edge of its seats, with the prospects of the ruling party's major primary election suddenly dimming.


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