NCS Secretary General: Roger Ddungu killing boxing

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The Secretary General of the National Council of Sports (NCS), Jasper Aligawesa has said Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) President Roger Ddungu is killing boxing in the country.

Roger Ddungu, the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) President has been accused of killing boxing in the country. Jasper  Aligawesa, the Secretary General National Council of Sports-NCS says Ddungu’s personal vendetta against some members of the boxing fraternity has forced him to interfere with the development of the sport.  He attributes the current problems in boxing to the wrangles between Ddungu and Geoffrey Nyakaana over the management of Uganda Amateur Boxing Federation (UABF).

Nyakaana is the president Uganda Amateur Boxing Federation. Aligawesa says that they have repeatedly implored to Ddungu to let UABF operate freely but their efforts have been futile. This comes only a few days after Ddungu attacked NCS for sending boxers to Europe for friendly matches saying the council acted outside its mandate. But Aligawesa says NSC simply gave the boxers letters to help them secure Visas and made them sign an undertaking promising to return to the country after the event.

He warns Ddungu to stop confusing Ugandans by portraying himself as a big fan of the sport yet he is stifling its growth. Aligawesa questions why Ddungu insists on his involvement in boxing matters yet he is never in the country. He promised to consult with the sports minister Charles Bakkabulindi, on the way forward for boxing saying they might write it off this year.  The boxing administration in the country has been marred by confusion over the last two years because of rival camps led by Godfrey Nyakana and Dr Ntege Ssengendo.

Ssengendo is reportedly backed by Ddungu who stepped down from boxing administration to take up the UOC top position. On Wednesday, Ddungu blamed the mess in boxing administration on Aligawesa and Bakkabulindi. The minister has not yet commented on the new accusations as he could not be reached by URN by the time of filing this report.