Nandala Mafabi Says Its Time For FDC To Build Strong Party Structures

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In short
At his nomination to run for FDC Presidency, Nandala Mafabi reveals that he will not fail to lead the party to victory like Dr. Kiiza Besigye because he is going to work on building strong party structures.

Nandala Mafabi, the Presidential Candidate for the Forum For Democratic Change, has launched his bid to head the part on the premise that he will build strong party structures.

Mafabi said that for the last seven years, the party has had very bad party structures  which explains why the party was not able to field candidates at any level and be sure they would win.
He partly attributed the defeat of the party in the 2011 Presidential elections to a lack of grass root party structures.  

He added that the outgoing party President Dr. Kiiza Besigye had been standing on sandy soil due to lack of strong party structures.

//Cue in: We have been here for…”

Cue out:…been having these problems.”//

To his opponents, who include Geoffrey Ekanya, Tororo County MP,  and Gen. Mugisha Muntu, the FDC secretary for mobilization, Mafabi challenged produce evidence of organisational experience that rivals his.

Mafabi said that he has experience through the structures he has set up in Bugisu region with proof of spearheading wins for many MPs and local councilors.

//Cue in: I come with experience…”

Cue out:…must come with experience.”//

Mafabi was nominated this afternoon amidst ululations, music and dance from Bugisu region. Dressed in a grey suit, he was wrapped with traditional backcloth designed with metallic rings, bells, beads animal tail and holding a traditional stick.

His supporters held posters and wore T-shirts with Nandala’s picture with a slogan, “A servant you can rely on.”

The FDC electoral commissioner Dan Mugarura confirmed Nandala’s nomination.

//Cue in: Hon. Nandala Mafabi Nathan…”
Cue out:…party presidential candidate.”//

Tomorrow the party will nominate Gen. Mugisha Muntu as the third contender in the race to replace Dr. Besigye. Elections of the presidential candidate will be held on the 22nd of November 2012.


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