Nakaseke Residents: Simcard Registration Costs Prohibitive

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The simcard registration process is not about to become any easier for Nakaseke residents.

The simcard registration process is not about to become any easier for Nakaseke residents.
Although Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is expected to announce on Friday an extension of the 28th February simcard registration, this may not help the situation much.
Several residents have complained to this Uganda Radio Network (URN) that they are being exploited during the registration process.
Residents say that they are being asked to pay 2000 shillings during the exercise. They are also asked to present such requirements like passport size photos and identity cards are required which cost money to process. In addition Local council chairmen are currently asking for money to have the identity cards stamped.
Ronald Jemba, a resident of Luteete village in Kikamul Sub County, says that identity cards which used to cost 1000 shillings are now sold between 3000 shillings and 5000 shillings. He adds that photographers who used to charge 5000 shillings for three passport photos are now charging 10,000 shillings. He says in total at least 20, 000 shillings is needed to register their phones, which is too expensive. 
Jovia Malinda, another resident of Butalangu town council, says that she registered earlier in December last year, but up to now whenever she presses *197#  she still receives messages showing that she has not yet registered her phone number. She says that she has now given up.
Disan Lwanga, a resident of Kiwoko town council, claims that registrars have turned the simcard registration exercise into business by conning subscribers of their money to have them registered. He says last week he went one of MTN simcard registrars to register his simcard but was surprised when he was asked to pay a fee after the registration. He adds that when he demanded to know why he was being asked a fee, he was told that it would transport the forms to the MTN service centre in Kampala.
When contacted the Nakaseke Disrict Police Commander, Edward Kyaligonza, confirmed receiving information about registrars conning people of their money and said that they were still investigating the allegations.
The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) made it clear that all subscribers are supposed to register their simcard free of charge.


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