Nabagereka Primary school Grapples With Performance, As Land is Taken Away

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The future of Nabagereka primary school, threatened with eviction hangs in the balance, as the battle to retain the school status is forwarded to court. The school located on a five-hectare piece of land in Mengo Kisenyi, was established by government in 1966. Despite its obscurity, Prominent Kampala artists like Kato Lubwama of Diamonds Productions, Sam and Sophie Gombya and WBS talk show host Drake Sekeba attended Nabagereka primary school. Nabagareka Primary school is surrounded by Kisenyi slums, one of the biggest slums in Kampala. Sometimes it has been difficult to secure the school from thugs who raid the school at night to steal the furniture. According to David Kisakye, the school's deputy headmaster, the school has for long remained under obscurity because of the poor performance. The school recorded its first ever best performance in 2003, when out of the more than 300 students who sat for the primary leaving examinations, nine scored grade one. Kisakye blames the schools average performance to financial constraints on the part of the parents and the school administration. He says the majority of the pupils at the school come from the neighboring slum areas characterized by impoverished families who can't afford to pack food for their children. The school cannot afford to prepare lunch for its pupils because the UPE funds are not sufficient enough to cater for the feeding needs. As the school grapples with the possibilities of improving its standards, a threat of eviction stands at its gates. Kisakye explains that initially the school's authorities rented out three plots of land to businessmen in order to raise revenue to supplement the schools income. The businessmen set up washing bays, garages and artisan workshops. But Kisakye wonders how the land was then sold out to grade two magistrates, Gaster Mugoya without their consent. // Cue in: i it is spent on# Cue out:#those projectsi// While the school belongs to Kampala City Council (KCC) the land on which it is located belongs to the Buganda Kingdom. Both institutions have however feigned ignorance regarding the circumstances under which the land was sold. The deputy headmaster is concerned that the school may face the same crisis that befell Shimon Demonstration School. He says enrollment for the new academic year has already been affected by reports about the possible eviction. He says several panic stricken parents, have started withdrawn their children from the school. // Cue in: i definitely I will have to be#. Cue out:#.feelings for iti// The school has lost its play ground and the pupils will have to use the little cramped space between the class room's blocks for co-curricular activities. The school has 16 classrooms of which seven are used by the primary section while the rest are used for vocational studies such as tailoring, poultry and carpentry for pupils in primary six and seven.