Tea Nursery Bed Operators Grill NAADS Officials Over Non Payment

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Frank Byaruhanga, the Chairperson South Western Region Tea Nursery Bed Operators, said they have already resolved to walk to State house to express their anger over the nonpayment of their money.

The Agro- business Development Officer under National Agricultural Advisory Services-NAADS, Everest Mulumba has come under fire from tea nursery bed operators over non-payment. Tea nursery bed operators from Ankole and Kigezi regions claim that government owes them up to Shillings 100 billion for the tea seedlings supplied over the past three years.

The tea nursery bed operators expressed their concerns at a meeting convened at Cephas Inn in Kabale municipality on Tuesday. During the meeting, some of the tea nursery bed operators said they have abandoned their homes for fear of being arrested over failure to service bank loans while many others have lost their property to money lenders.

Frank Byaruhanga, the Chairperson South Western Region Tea Nursery Bed Operators, said they have already resolved to walk to State house to express their anger over the nonpayment of their money. 

Byaruhanga notes that although tea production was introduced in south western Uganda as one of the ways of eradicating poverty, nothing is being achieved due to some selfish leaders in NAADS.

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Cue out: …bonka abagyeyitiire."//
Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda, the Kitanga Parish Catholic Priest in Kabale diocese agrees. Batanyenda regretted why he joined the business since he is not reaping from multiplying the tea seedlings as expected. He demanded the sacking of NAADS officials who are sabotaging the payment of Tea nursery bed operators.

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The Lwengo District Chairman who is also doubles as the Uganda Local Government's Association-ULGA president, George Mutaabazi also accused the NAADS and Operation Wealth Creation officials for failure to carry out verification of the Tea nursery bed operators so that they are operated.

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Kasirivu Atwooki, the State Minister for Economic Monitoring tasked  Mulumba who is also the National contact Manager for the Tea program under NAADS to explain why his office has failed to respond to the farmer's complaints.

He said it's unfortunate to find that the tea nursery bed operators have already developed a negative attitude about the tea project because of the delayed payment and now curse President Yoweri Museveni for introducing it.

The Minister promised to hold another meeting with the representatives of the tea nursery bed operator, top NAADS officials and other stakeholders on March 09th, 2018 to set a date for the payment.

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In his response, Mulumba said the NAADS secretariat is working hard to ensure the nursery bed operators are paid. He faulted the district authorities for failing to submit authorization letters for payment of the farmers in time.
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Only Kabale, Kanungu, Mitooma and Mityana districts have submitted the authorisation letters to the secretariat.


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